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The Forefront Of Construction Law

Zealous And Trial-Proved Legal Representation In Contractor Disputes

The construction industry follows a complex dynamic because of the number of parties involved in making a project a reality. We understand this as we have also been part of construction projects, outside of our duties as attorneys.

Under the leadership of attorney Chris Georgoulis, who has been practicing law since 1980, we at Georgoulis PLLC represent the best interests of general contractors, subcontractors, developers and owners. When you leave your case in the hands of  Georgoulis PLLC, you will be working with a trial-ready team from day one.

Knowledgeable And Assertive Legal Solutions

Our lawyers have firsthand experience in the New York construction industry in various commercial disputes. The understanding we have gained about the nuances involved in a project is a valuable asset in every case we take. Time is of the essence, and we will strive to develop robust and results-focused solutions to address your legal needs.

Some of the cases we take in our law firm include:

  • All issues related to contractual obligations, omissions or errors
  • Changes in the scope of work
  • Damages caused by delays

In one of our milestone cases, we recovered millions of dollars in damages for one of our clients, a general contractor, caused by delays. We also recovered additional damages due to out of sequence work. The reasons that could lead to a dispute in a construction project could stem from various issues – from highly technical matters to even misunderstandings and differences at a personal level. We are ready to learn all about the dispute you are facing and provide you with an honest evaluation of how we can help you.

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